Gloriafood integration - Promo not applied

I purchased the GloriaFood integration lincence and its working good but I create a promotion for a % discount on cart, when the order is placed the discount named ‘‘Descuento’’ is applied, the order is received in SambaIN with the correct total ($22.38) in this case, but in sambapos the discount is not applied, I tried to create the account and transaction type for this but stills nothing.
Im using SambaIN 1.0.36.

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Thanks in advance.

Have you downloaded latest version of Sambain?

Did you define the discount in sambain settings ? And it’s setup correctly in Sambapos?

I downloaded from (from kb site) and I also I tried with SambaIN from (this one adds the order tags as Group tag: Order tag name (+price)) and I cannot define any discount in the SambaIN settings.

I created a calculation type, transaction type, and account, it does not work :frowning:
23 3214432

The following is in the log file, how should be handled?


The delivery service is working fine.



Hi, someone know how can I set the GloriaFood promos to be automatically applied in Sambapos?

Hello @Francisco_Lopez, if you can provide us Anydesk Remote Connection Program ID, I can connect to your system and check the situation our for you.

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Thanks for your answer @Nizam, I sent you a PM with my ID.