GloriaFood Integration Updates

We are still developing Gloriafood integration. We fixed a lot of thing in SambaIN.
So please update your Gloriafood integration in this link. Thanks.


SambaIN has stopped working after a seconds opened.

I had SambaIN 1.0.36. To be honest, I stopped using this integration because I had to opened SambaIN every time that I turn on pc, I fixed this by copying the shortcut to startup folder but when the internet connection was still connecting it shows errors when SambaIN opens.

And the principal cause was that sometimes SambaIN does not record orders to SambaPOS, and I had to press Fetch Menu in order to record the orders to SambaPOS even without any change in Gloria Food menu.

Please unistall older version firstly

All of those issues are fixed. I use it at my locations flawlessly. This new version works great. But yes you should uninstall old version first.

It’s working fine now, with a few minor changes in the Delivery Screen and automation.
Now it tries to connect to Gloria food if the internet is gone but when SambaIN is starting up shows this error if the pc has no internet or if the connection is not stablished yet:

It would be great if it waits for internet before it connects to

It’s checking for license I think.

Hello the link in the tutorial is different.

It points to:

With this version, it doesn’t ask anymore to execute as administrator.
But it stops working and crashes after 20 sec.

When you start it with admin rights it stays open.

OK i will change. And two adress goes to same installer

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Ar you working on the thing to be able to start SambaIn without having the dialog to run it as admin / not possible to autostart?
I found a workaround where it starts automatically with windows like this(as admin). I can post it if somebody is interested?

Hello, I am trying to download but everytime I click the link it just takes me to the SAMBAPOS homepage. Am I doing something wrong?

Add /us after Sambapos in the link.

Like this

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