GloriaFood Options not update SambaPOS Prices

We have GloriaFoods Integration working… Tickets come in…

But when you order Coffee $4 and use the GF Choices/Modifiers to select a Almond Milk +$0.50 the modifier price is not updating the ticket. the Price is correct in SambaIN but not in SambaPOS Ticket

SmabaPOS shows the modifier but does not add the extra cost for Almond Milk to the ticket…

Are you sure you didn’t select add to product price? It works fine for all locations I’ve setup.

thanks for your email… there are some order tags set to Add Tag Price to Order Price for food items but not for Coffee Milk

SambaPOS has the tag but is not adding the price

I have screen shots if you want to see

Guess I could until all Add to Price options to see if this is the cause

made sure no tags were set to add to price… restarted, still got same problem

tags are NOT adding any value to Ticket… the text is there but no Value… Size is working

Hi Steve,if you logging option is on please send me your log file in SambaIN folder to me for control.
Please send via PM.

The one for Gloriafood that matters is the unmapped tag that the tutorial had you make.