GloriaFood orders not added to SambaPOS after activating Virtual Workperiods

Since yesterday, all GloriaFood orders have been missing from the SambaPOS Ticket List- and as such, they no longer auto print. I also checked SambaIN and it’s able to receive orders along with the popup that appears whenever the order is accepted on the tablet.

I believe this issue may have been due to activating Virtual Workperiods, which we started using yesterday right before the GloriaFood order issue. No other settings were changed.

I will disable Virtual Workperiods tonight and see if this issue persists.

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue if it ends up being related to enabling Virtual Workperiods? Thanks in advance.

@dongali it is because your license expired more than likely. Have you checked if your license needs renewing?

If that is not the case can you share the logs? And what version of SambaIn are you using.

Logs are in SambaIn dir.

I am sure its not virtual workperiods as I have been using them for a long time now with Gloriafood integration.

We are able to receive GloriaFood orders normally after disabling Virtual Workperiods today.
I have PMed you my most recent logs for SambaIN.

The logs look like tickets are being made. I wonder if you have a time issue on your terminal. I would like to connect to your terminal with anydesk if that is possible.