Gloriafood SambaIN Printing and Service Fee Issue

I’m inclined to think it’s nothing you did. However, I would imagine others would be having a similar issue so I’m not quite sure it’s a SambaIN issue. All I know regarding this is when I execute addCalculationToTicket mutation in the GQL playground it doesn’t work. I recompiled my library to use addCalculationToTicket in my setup and the calculation wasn’t added. I can’t find addCalculationToTicket searching the commands in the GQL playground. I’m running 5.3.0 still.

The printing issue wouldn’t be a SambaIN issue and is logged through SambaPOS itself.

As for the exception thrown when printing, I don’t know enough about WPF and how SambaPOS prints to be able to say what’s going on one way or the other.

I would try Jesse’s solution of having a networked printer. It should need to be Ethernet. If the printer doesn’t have that capability, you could always try sharing it on the terminal it’s connected to via USB, then map the printer consistently on all other terminals.

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Mapped usb printers will not work either. It has to do With message server being a service. Networked printers work fine. I mean Ethernet.

Hi Jesse

Facing another problem with the service fee.

online tickets ignores the service fee, after I locally added the service fee as a rule.
I noticed that customer payment isn’t including the service fee that they paid.

Like I said right now a dollar amount service fee won’t work. Percent based does.

Hi Jesse

I understand you mentioned this,
But I do have another location which is running a dollar/ fixed amount service charge setup via Gloria food. And somehow their setup is tuning as normal?

The fixed amount service fee definitely worked before.

Is this something new? Or changes in sambaIn?

But total payment shouldn’t be excluded tho?

Like in the screen shot.

You can see that a bill is 31 in total includes 0.50 service fee.

Customer paid 31.

But local ticket only showing customer paid 30.50?

And if I remembered correctly.

The tutorial was teaching how to add service fees as fixed amount not percentages.

I am catching a flight in the morning so I won’t be able to dig through the tutorial to refer to.
But I do remember how I followed it when I did my ever first setup.

Could there be something done to get this working?