Gloriafood SambaIN Printing and Service Fee Issue

Hi guys,

I am stuck with this problem currently having.

Order received, SambaIN and SambaPOS both has the ticket listed.
However, it does not print.

I checked SambaIN settings, looks fine.

The printer and print jobs are all okay seemes:

Then I moved on to check the printing rules,
Local tickets get printed just fine, so I doubt it is a rule issue?
I added a display message to check if the rule fires okay.


So. somehow, Local tickets fire the closing rule displays the message.
but online ticket doesn’t fire the rule as no message is displayed?

I am really confused as of why this is happening.

Besides, I also noticed that Service Fee is not applied correctly on online tickets,
when service fee is charged on Gloriafood, in SambaPOS it is not applied.
SambaIN shows the correct amount though

any help would be much appreciated.

Be sure you have 64bit message server installed since you are using html printer. They will not work with 32bit version across message server.

hi Jesse,
Thanks for the reply.
It is on 64bit message server.

Any idea where I can troubleshoot this?
I have looked over and over again with the setup. Pulling my hair and can’t find what is wrong.

TUrn on logging in sambain and check your log

the log is on, and I had a look at it, it seems that SambaIN doesn’t add calcualtion Service fee to ticket.

but with the printing, I am not sure what that is related, I have it here you can have a look if you don’t mind. I give up on try to figure out this myself as i think it is beyond my knowledge base already.

Thank you.
log (1).zip (133.2 KB)

I just went to check SambaPOS log,
There is exceptions related to printing, but I an unable to figure out what they actually means!
SambaPOS (3.3 KB)

It looks normal to me. I can see where it is adding the calculations. Are you sure you setup your calculations correctly? For printing it uses default rules for that. Show message wont show up because its using a virtual terminal. Its not using a physical terminal.

Your rule for Ticket Closing has the Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job aciton in the wrong place. It should be first.

What are you calling a service fee? Can you show which fee in gloriafood you are expecting that to be?

EDIT: I think if its what I think it is… that fee currently we only support % not whole $ amount. I could be wrong but I think last time I tested that $ amount didnt work but % did.

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I think my calculation is set up correctly,

these are the related set ups.

with the service fee, I mean these below:

I have setup similar terminals at 4 locations now.
with pretty much the same database foundation. that is why I am so confused as of what is the cause of this.

the service fee is not a bit deal tbh. I have set up a rule to trigger before ticket closing to automatically add the service fee locally
Delivery fee is adding okay as expected.

My current biggest problem with this terminal is the printting if you can help to point me to the right direction as where to start to troubleshoot this printting problem would be great!

I think the order doesn’t matter, the update ticket states is to make NEW ticket into Unpaid, If the local tickets are printing correctly, I think we are okay with that?
Yesterday I did change the order, as I thought that might be related. but still no online ticket printed via SambaPOS.

Try printing with esc/pos mode. The printer is not a shared usb is it?

I tired the ESC/POS printer, didn’t work.
It is a USB, not a shared usb.
does it has to be Ethernet printer?

I am pretty sure I have managed to print Online tickets through a USB with my other setups before.

Is the physical printer connected to the machine that message server is on? I’m pretty sure USB won’t work.

Yes, the USB is connected to the Server directly.
I will try it tomorrow when I am installing the system, so the full system will be implemented.

It will have a Ethernet Printer as Kitchen Printer and USB will only be a receipt printer.

I have confirmed it can not use USB printers. It must be networked printer. I can also confirm service fee from gloriafood works if it is Percent based but not Dollar based.

Thank you Jesse.

I can finally sleep now.

Of course it wouldn’t work for a dollar amount, they use pounds over there! :stuck_out_tongue:

THe GQL calculation just takes a decimal input. The configuration for the calculation would then determine if it is a per cent or a fixed amount. So it should work for fixed amount.

added a 50% and $50 calculations to a ticket created via GQL playground and everything works as it should:

also I noticed in his log that the logged mutation for adding a calculation is addCalculationToTicket not addCalculationToTerminalTicket - addCalculationToTicket does not execute in the GQL playground. If that’s the mutation that’s being sent to the API, maybe that’s why the calculation isn’t posting.

I have tried the Ethernet Printer today,

It is still not printing for some reason.
Online Tickets are received by SambaIN, and in SambaPOS it displays on ticket listers,
but they are not printed as local tickets would.

any ideas?

Thank you Memo,

You have helped me on many issues I had. Really appreciate your input.

So in this case, is this something I have done caused the problem or maybe a SambaIN issue?

I had a setup with SambaPOS 5.3.0 i think, and SambaIN from that period, which works fine, I had no issues with what I am currently having.

Will you be able to tell from the SambaPOS log, if the printing issue is logged at the system level? so I know if it is something I might done wrong with the set up or it is something out of my control.