GloriaFood Vs RestaJet


I have had demos of both web solutions above and neither, as far as I can ascertain, provides address confirmation by postcode lookup.

Anyone found any issues with this?

Most bona fide big scale operators offer this among other features (e.g. confirm mobile number).

And allowing the customer to free type their address opens up other issues for data migration etc.

I notice StoreSeen seems to shun RestaJet… It would be interesting to know Mark’s thoughts as I’ve had the RestaJet guy chasing me and one of his demos he created for me had ‘StoreSeen’ branding on it when I visited it in a desktop browser!
The RestaJet guy comes across a bit desperate tbh and it really concerns me when thinking of signing up a customer. On the other hand he seems (by his reckoning) to do more of the work in terms of programming the items into the site and config etc. versus Gloria which would be more work for me…

Any thoughts? I’ve got a customer interested in going ahead now and I am in a bit of a dilemma!


They both have their strengths and weaknesses, its really up to you what solution is better. Whats really important is that they both have integration with SambaPOS.

I have a lot of customers on Gloriafood, they work well with SambaPOS and standalone and I’d recommend them for a good stable platform.

You are right it doesn’t have any postcode lookup. This is likely due to licensing - in the UK you need to pay an ongoing license fee to Royal Mail for doing postcode lookups and the way most will then do it is to pay a per-lookup fee of around 2-3p per lookup through one of the many companies that offer such service, or use Google Maps API for street level lookup for “free” without house number verification. So since Gloriafood is a global company, they won’t see it worthwhile to implement this for the UK, remember their business model is “free” online ordering even we know that is not really realistic since everyone wants to use cards.

From my own experience, even it doesn’t validate the address, it doesn’t seem to cause much of a problem (or at least we don’t hear it from our clients). It does prompt for confirming the address with a pin, but that is a little strange in itself. We change the default address entry fields to require a postcode (you can do in advanced delivery settings).

They do not verify phone number except based on the format/length.

Email is not validated at all and I have seen a lot of emails with errors coming through (like gmail.con). The email validation was highlighted more for a few clients we use Zapier to link Gloriafood to Mailchimp for email marketing, and Mailchimp would give an error via the API on any invalid emails - probably happening in around 1% of customers.

On the other hand, Gloriafood support is difficult to deal with and they pretty much reject any feedback you give them and tell you they know better (then sometimes implement your suggestion a few weeks later). Except for dealing with any actual problems, don’t expect much from their “support” for any feature requests, feedback or advice.

LOL :stuck_out_tongue: Free advertising!! :wink:


Yep, pretty much this. They think they know how a restaurant works.

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