Gloria's free delivery offer not passing on to Samba

Hi, I have a problem with Gloria’s free delivery offer. Supposedly, we offer free delivery for orders over $25. It works fine on Gloria but when the order is passed on to Samba, the delivery service fee is included, even if the offer is activated on Gloria. I know Gloria’s offer creates a lot of issues. Is there any automatic workaround I can do now until it’s fixed? Right now I keep going back to the order and double check, then add a discount manually. But sometimes we have too many orders at once, it slows me down drastically checking…

I’m using Samba 5.5.0

@VehbiEmiroglu I think it is something we would have to do because GF probably made a change to api for this and we didnt know.

Free delivery has always been a “promo_cart” item. There’s no standard identifier for free delivery and uses the description (“name”) entered by the store’s admin so it can be literally anything.

    "id": 724417788,
    "name": "Free delivery",
    "total_item_price": 0,
    "price": 60,
    "quantity": 1,
    "instructions": null,
    "type": "promo_cart",
    "type_id": 384527,
    "tax_rate": 0,
    "tax_value": 0,
    "parent_id": null,
    "item_discount": 0,
    "cart_discount_rate": 0,
    "cart_discount": 0,
    "tax_type": "GROSS",
    "coupon": "V959PH9EJZRR4Q",
    "options": []

That would be why then. We don’t have a logic to know. Hmm

Should be fairly easy to solve. Just allow the free delivery to discount the amount.

I’m sorry but you lost me… So I just wait for the updated version of SambaIn?