Go Tablet Add Customer Mobile Number

I Need To Add Customer Mobile Number In Go Tablet Anyone Can help me

Go tablet is for table service. Can you help us with why you need a mobile number?

I need add customer mobile number using SambaPOS go tablet

For the billing

My customer need to send a sms for the customer bill amount and ditels

Cus it’s up to customer privacy… customer want to add their personal mobile number without help or asking from anyother.

If cashier have to add this it’s additional work… also customer not like that…

This is very urgent please do need full ASAP…

So you’re taking customer phone at the table and they are texting payment to customer sitting at the table?

I think you should wait for our Sambaonair for that. It will support customer self ordering and loyalty system.

Go tablet is for digital menu and table ordering

Maybe explain the flow your trying to do? Customer comes in sits down and orders with tablet and eats at table? But you want to text payment details to customer? Maybe as a receipt?

Yes jesse only think i have to do add customer number entering tab if we can add or can’t

The go tablet app is not built to take phone number. Can you explain how you are using it?

If customer come to the table

  1. enter the contact number
  2. select the menu
  3. forward the order to cashier
  4. cashier complete the order & send the receipt that mentioned number without asking any information from the customer…that’s all…