Go Tablet Printing Issue

First thing I notice, It may not change anything, but you are on an older version of SambaIn. I recommend updating it.

You are also on a version of sambapos that is quite older now too. Current version is 5.3.6

I would highly recommend using Custom product tags for print mapping. It can greatly reduce your maintenance on printer routing in the print job. With a custom product tag you can use single Print Job mapping for those tags and when adding new products you can add the tag ensuring it will print properly without having to maintain a huge list of Product category mappings in the print job.

In Print Jobs where it says Product Tag you can map to a custom product tag by using Product Tag=Tag Name

Is there a specific reason you set High Priority to False for the Kitchen Printer action?

You have it set as demo printer to notepad. That will not work. Have you tried it with the actual printer? Or were you just trying to test something?

You have it set to the Star Printer but I do not see the Star printer installed in windows.

Let me know when you are available again. I see a lot of potential issues but I am not sure if its from you testing things or not.

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Hi Jesse,

After I arrived at the site,
I started to clear the system, as I left it in a state that is not its normal operation condition, thus, with the Printer template and such.

So, with that being said. I managed to get things printing,
but only from the Drinks printer in the bar,
I couldn’t help but to think this is to do with Chinese characters!!

As all the food has Chinese Characters as portions.
So it prints with a huge delay at the Kitchen Printer,
I am wondering if this is also the case with

I will run some further test with the Go Tablet now, and see if things do get printed if I play arround with the printers code page.

but it is strange tho,
because, yesterday at the other location, the ticket was never printed, unlike what I am seeing now, that tickets do get printed after a like 5 minutes delay.

Very strange to me. but I hope that this can be useful to help determine the problem further.

Thanks in advance!

I have done this, thank you for the suggestion.

No I don’t remember I have ever done this setting on purpose, but I could think that this might be set due to mouse scrolling by accident. I have set it to true now.

Well star printer which was your food printer was not installed on the server. Did you install it and try?

Esc/pos mode will always print faster. The printer renders the font etc. in html mode it sends whole image of print to printer and then prints.

Downside is esc/pos is less configurable because you must use printer for formatting via the language code. So you are limited in text size and type etc. but you will get very fast consistent printing.

Star printers work with us using emulation. I don’t recommend star. They use esc/pos compatibility via emulation but they really want to use star language.

Yes, well, It is not a star printer I was using with this setup, This setup uses 2 Sam4s Gcube as its bar and kitchen printers, the other day I was only testing the bar printers, left the Kitchen printer as notepad so I dont have to keep running up and down between the bar and kitchen.

So today i get the full setup runing as if it is under the intended operation enviroment, I managed to get the bar printer to print via Go Tablet, I don’t even know what I did that make this possible, could not think of anything in particular that is different. but yes, bar printer is printing.

Now it is a problem with the Kitchen Printer, on the Server terminal, it is not reachable, but reachable via other terminals TA and TB. I am running some more tests to see if it is a windows premission issue. because the Server terminal is on a Windows 10Pro the other 2 terminals are IoT.

Turns out, after some rolls of paper wasted,
I find out that this is caused by the compatibility of the Sam4s Gcube code page and some confliction maybe with how Go tablet sends HTML prints to the printer?

well, firstly, if I set the printer under Epson Emulation, with SambaPOS Printer settings to ESC/POS and with a ESC/POS template, it works, it prints and no problem apart from the Gcube doesn’t seem to have a Chinese Code page, I only able to get ??? or gibberish at where it suppose to be Chinese Characters.

Then, IF I set the SambaPOS Printer Setting to HTML and with a HTML template, from Terminals it can print just fine, but, when sending from the GoTablets, it will either not printing, or taking extremely long time to print a couple of line and stuck, or sometimes not printing at all.

I feel, at this stage, I can only use a different printer.

What printer would you suggest?

I have used Star for most of my other setups, they seem works the best so far though.

The best printers are Epson. U220 for impact 2 color printing it’s a workhouse in kitchens or TM-T88v is the best thermal. Can’t get much better than those two.

There are many generics that work great too but it’s drivers and things like what you encountered that can be a pain.

With what I gathered, here in the UK people not really a fun with 2 colour printing anymore, mostly they would prefer Thermal printers, I have 2 location that is using the Tm-30ii they are good but more expensive to a TSP100.

on another note, I think, what I had with the Gloriafood local printing, is might also be a result of my HTML template? probably something with my template is badly written. I will remove the logo to start with and see what happens.

Logo directly in the html can significantly slow the printing. Yes most place here prefer thermal too but the bigger chains and enterprise high volume places all use impact and most use the u220. The epson TM-T88vi is a game changer for reliability and speed it can print at a speed of 500 where most thermals are around 200-300 the m30s all print around 250

I will check the tm t-88vi out.
Thanks Jesse.

But I think it is mostly a html template via gotablet issue.

As local print via terminals all okay.
Only when it’s go tablet and at this point I also suspect the sambaIn no printing issue I had was also due to the same.

As I just installed another tablet at a location with tm30 printer before I posted my first post. The kitchen printer It is not printing either.

So I’m more of thinking as this is a html template printing via go tablet or SamhaIn issue.

It may be your template. HTML printing does work with it but you are right the template could affect that. Especially if using a logo.

Hi Jesse

Thanks for all the help on this matter.

I just went through testing by removing section by section in the html printer template.

It turns out that after I removed the logo part,
Go tablet can print without any problems.

Haven’t managed to get some testing on SambaIn tickets yet. But I feel it would also be the logo causing some conflicts while printing via server.

I will try to load the logo into the printer if client wants it. And will avoid using it in templates from now on.

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