Good Touchscreen Monitors + other hardware

Hello Everyone,

I didn’t see a thread on here regarding full review of reliable monitors for samba pos so I decided I would create on up myself.

Dell E2014T - 19.5" LED HD Touch-Screen Optical Touch Technology

I just got this monitor shipped to my house and personally I thought it was terrible.

1.First things first there was a bezel thick bezel around that made it very easy for water to penetrate. One Spill and water would go right in.

2 The touch sensitivity was not nearly okay for a fast paced work environment. My menu is quite large and requires some scrolling of a few order tags so as I would attempt to click an order tag it would scroll down quickly and many times behave glitchy. I constantly found myself having to repeat a touch 2-3 times in order to get it right.

My conclusion: This is a inexpensive touch monitor, one can bear with it if you touch straight onto the monitor slowely and carefully you can make use of it but is that really something you want your waitresses to be wasting time on. The optical technology can work towards your advantage as it works with greasy fingers or any object for that matter but you really pay the price with accuracy.

Dell - 21.5" LED HD Touch-Screen - S2240T Capacitive Touch Technology (what our phones use)
Just got this monitor as an exchange of the dell monitor above. I loved this one,

  1. There is not bezel that comes out, its all glass end to end so the water is not likely to get in.
  2. Its extremely accurate. Not once did I have to touch twice to get it right. Always dead on.
  3. If your hands are greasy i heard capacitive dont work well and I haven’t tried that yet but I will update it once I try it out.
  4. Very stable when you touch. No movement whatsoever. This is because of the wide mount that comes with it. The mount lets you change the angle of the monitor however you like from completely straight up to flat on the desk.

Conclusion: This monitor is also inexpensive ( A little more expensive then the E2014T above but it was way worth the money). I loved every feature of this monitor and think its more then capable of handling a fast paced working environment.

Elo Touch E210772 1515L 15-inch AccuTouch 5-Wire
This monitor works great for the kitchen where greasy fingers are an issue. It has 2 layers on the screen that allows it to perform extremely well in kitchen environments. They are also built to withstand the heat.

For anyone who disagrees with anything on here please give us your opinion and experience with anything on here or add on to the thread with printers, barcode readers, mag readers, etc.