Google Calendar Intregration

Ive looked into this, but not sure how it would work out?

The Birthday Party setup I have made has had to be taken off of the till currently on the soft play because ‘its too easy for the staff to double book’

Unless anyone has any better ideas to implement only 4 bookings of various slots per day, I cant continue with it in this establishment… as the owner doesn’t want to take the risk of double bookings.

Google calendar, ive checked out but would it show what bookings I could have made on each day?

Would it be stupid of me if I created an entity screen for each month, entity for each day showing the day of month?.. I dunno, it could just be too much work for nothing?

Does anyone have any ideas how I could implement something to make this work?

We have lots of methods to store data and then ways to constrain against it including tasks. You could look into those and adapt one to your needs.

Sounds like Google calendar would be great idea.

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are there any examples of how it could look?

I just started creating entity screens for each month, and entities for each day… but to be honest, that’s a lot of entities to create lol

Ill stop this for a minute and look deeper into google calendar.

Would it display like an actual calendar?

It will display however you design it. No it won’t just insent a calendar you have to design how it works and use api to assign calendar functions. You can use html widget to display calendar I’d you want.

how have you used it? I see you use it for timetrex in my searches?

Can I see a screenshot please?

My use of it is just the api you don’t see anything. I don’t use a physical calendar.

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ah right ok, thanks.

Diving into the unknown… best way to learn…

I may need help on the way, as ive been reading a bit about it and some of the scripting I just do not understand.


It’s all jscript which is what we use for everything pretty much. Good idea would be to study jscript.

ill give it a go :see_no_evil:

I have several tasks that I need to assign times to (which I know how to do in Asana) but when they sync with my Google Calendar, they just appear as tasks at the top of my day and don’t have times assigned to them. Is there a good work around for this?