Google contact and customers

hello all,

I am not sure what I should do ? let me explain :slight_smile:

I have a google contact list of potential customer lives close to my restaurant + the existent customer registered in my samba epos system .

and this list updated every day and I sent a text message to all contacts in the list using a small dongle with sim card from

my problems that I have to import the list from samba to excel file and then merge it with an existent list and then using another app to find duplicated … anyway its relly long process takes more than 4-5 hours to finish I got about 5000 contacts now and every week it becomes more difficult and bigger … any suggestion.

is there any chance to sync all my customer details with google contact strat away? so don’t have to worry about new contacts

Sure there would be easier way, if I compair to using mailchip for emails newsletters it uses email as a unique reference so duplicates are automatically counted for/not imported…
I’m pretty sure even the manual way you describe would easily be improved to allot less than 4 hours.
A few simple formatting tricks could highlight duplicates… Anyway…

anyone registers in google form for my restaurant receiving the special offer, in this case, i have his email so I use malchip to find duplicate but the people who I register manually by phone I don’t ask for them email in this case because I use google contact and and another app I run , I can have them emails, addresses …etc.

in the end, it’s marketing I am trying to copy from big chains takeaway with cheaper way because they use marketing company they can afford.

so if i can sync with google i can save at lest 2-3 hours from weekly job i do :smile:



What part of the sync takes so long? Finding new entities? If so just make a report to show latest ones based on entity ID or a state or make a hidden entity field for added which is automatically filled on entity creation or first use or something.
Sure google will have a good API but is not something I have looked at and still not sure on your system as to best reconmendeding how to intergrate.

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