Got my menu and setting reset the seconed time! HELP

On the first time was becuase i was instaling SQL Server got my HOLE setting and menu just vanished,

And now after redoing all over and setting the two pc´s to work with one database it got deleted again and reset.
its was dificults two days of reading and trying working the problemes out and after i succed and turn the Sambapos4 off in the main computer it happend… i dont wanna close the other Client cuz its running with the good old settings i think if i turn it off it will reset as well.


No. Your Menu does not just vanish. It is somewhere. Maybe in a different DB within the SQL Instance.

There is no mechanism in SambaPOS to delete a Menu. The only way that happens is if you do it yourself in Products > Menu List > [Menu] … or you delete the content of the table [ScreenMenuItems] or [ScreenMenus] in the DB which stores that data. Or, your DB becomes corrupt somehow, which is outside the control of SambaPOS.

Install and run SSMS and connect to SQL Server. Expand the Databases section. Post a screenshot.

Well since i didnt do anything attencionly to make this happen i used the word vanish :frowning: and since i dont know how to get it back…

Thank you for your help!

You have two databases, you probably changed the db name or something.
If there is no existing database with that name samba will create a new one with stock setup which might appear like its reset.
You change the db name in the connection string to match either of those and you will ‘move’ between the db.

You are right! I added the the string a database name since i read that commun erros tutorial…
thank you so much wish i hadnt post here the first time it happend cuz it i was trying to recover the old database
and deleted so many time my samba files…
though i have the samba main folder and documents folder, is the old database still there? can i recover it?

Ok, so you have 2 Databases in the Instance named SAMBAPOS4. They are:

  • SambaPOS4

You should try to decide which of those Databases is the “correct” one.

Now look at your Connection string in Settings > Local Settings > Database and post that screenshot. It will either be blank, or it could look like this:

Data Source=LENOVO-PC\SAMBAPOS4; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos; Database=SambaPOS;

You should also look in the SambaSettings.txt file in one (or both) of these locations:


Note that ProgramData is a hidden folder.

In the SambaSettings file, your Connection String will look something like this, or it might be blank:

<ConnectionString>Data Source=LENOVO-PC\SAMBAPOS4; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos; Database=SambaPOS;</ConnectionString>

The file in the USER path might override the one in the ProgramData path.

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Thank you yes iv put databesename so it made another one, got that problem fixed.

And looking fot that file you mention SambaSettings.txt i cant find it, does the tickets info i made also are written over there?

The SambaSettings.txt file only contains very basic configuration information for SambaPOS, such as the Connection String, so that it knows which DB to connect to.

Everything else is stored in the DB. The DB contains your Products, Menus, Sales, Accounts, Entities, Tickets, Orders, Automation Rules, etc.

Aww… well guess i need to redo all over agian.

And one more question if i may, all the changes i do in the main computer applies to the Client as well?

Why? Change your connection string to use the correct Database.

Yes, because everything is stored in the Database. The Server and Client connect to the same Database.

Cuz when it happend the first time i didnt know that so i Uninstalled the Samba and the SQL many times and replaces the folder in hope to restore the database since i didnt know it was from the same reason, and now that i know its kinda late :slight_smile:
But i already fixed it this time thank to you but yet again i need to restore all the ticket and menu setting all from the top like i had it.

Thank you so much for your help and your time!

All of your settings, Products, Menus, Sales etc are in one or both of the Databases that you see in SSMS. You just need to set SambaPOS to use one of those DBs. This is done by configuring the Connection String …

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