GoTablet App requests

I have few requests regarding GoTablet based on the feedback from my clients that use the app.

1. Selecting Default Language - App constantly reverts back to Turkish language every time orders are sent and is simply annoying the staff that they have to change this back to English language hundreds of times per day. A simple setting in toffice to select default language would be a very useful thing.

2. Swipe right to go back - Both guests and staff always try to swipe right to go back from product list to category list on the tablet. Since its very intuitive to do that I would suggest to make that functional within the app to improve user experience.

3. No login option - One of my clients suggested to making the option for the app to work in either method with PIN not being a requirement. He said that tablet gets passed around a lot and very quickly on the busiest of days. Suggesting that there should be an option to Select tables, send the orders and go back to table selection to make it faster. And if needed, login out by pressing the logo 3 times should be good enough.

I think these are just some quirks that shouldn’t be too difficult to patch but would help improve user experience.

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OK. I noted this requests.I will give info after complete this requests.