GoTablet Language Menu & Order tags

Hi everyone,

I have few questions:

  1. How to set preferred language in GoTablet? It always starts with Turkish language and after I deleted the language in TOffice, updated the tablet, it comes up after every order was sent as if it was never deleted.

  2. We created a new menu within SambaPOS specifically for tablets, because we wanted to break it down in more categories. Since, I re-did order tag mappings to specific item instead of Group Code (even though they are the same group code they are no longer in the same Menu category). No matter how I map them, they just dont show up on the GoTablet possible selections. How can I add them to the items on GoTablet?

  3. Is it possible to pull missing products from the toffice or do I have to change things in menu and re update it? Is it going change anything thats already there, including photos?

You should update the menu for each change.
Like adding an order tag or product.
In new versions this problem will be eliminated.

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