GoTablet Payments

Hi everyone,

it looks like Go Tablets will have abilities in the future to login like using QR Code, face recognition, RFID and finger print. There is even an option to scan a table using QR codes that I haven’t actually tested and my guess is that credit card processing might be an option later as it comes out for certain countries.

However, I think Go Tablet should have capability to process internal payments using same technologies similar to Kiosks. For example Vouchers with QR code, RFID cards/wristbands/fobs and other entity/account based payments.

When it comes to service, I think establishments would opt for 5 tablets for the price of one Kiosk.

One of the main reasons I request is because a lot of my clients have some sort of entity based payments. Having an ability to scan one of these on the table just after the order would be a huge asset instead of having to send customers to the nearest till. Especially in some of the resorts/hotels that have huge seating areas and lounges where staff have to “chase” customers before they leave their table.

Looking forward to your feedback on this! :slight_smile:

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