Governement of Quebec compatilility

What about the application for quebec, with the governement law the application has to be compatible with the MEV, the application works fine but unable to print a ticket.

You’ll need to elaborate. What is MEV? Unable to print Ticket? Why not?

@qmckay I did some research on this and it appears the government requires a Sales Recording Device and all tickets have to be produced through this device. It appears that there is one specific SRM (Sales Recording Machine) that must be used and they have option of buying new or used etc. Basically all information has to pass into this machine first and then the SRM prints the ticket. The actual printer is hooked to the SRM so the flow is SambaPOS sends all of the required information into the SRM, then the SRM sends the Print Command to Printer for ticket printing.

I do not see why Samba couldnt work with this but maybe @emre can share some more specific knowledge if this is possible.

I’m not talking specifically about this device but such devices have their non-standard communication protocols. Other than technical issues governments have some regulations as it directly relates with tax collection. For this reason such integration is too hard to implement without working with local partners. We frequently receive similar requests and I hope to improve our business soon to offer that kind of local solutions.