GQL Modules - GraphQL Modules for Remote Client Browsers


No he can’t because this is not just sambapos setup. You will need to follow the tutorial.


Understood, i though that i could gain some time by importing, but i will follow the tutorial. Thanks for the quick answer.


I see that in the tutorial some Actions are added multiple times in one Rule, how can i do that as i dont see that working on my side… I can add only one Action named “HUB Store Local Settings” and can not add this Action multiple times in the same … Am i missing something ? … Do i need to clone that action so many times or there is another way ?


No, you don’t clone the actions. Right-click in the Action List on the LEFT and select Display all Values, then scroll to the bottom of the list to see the action again. You can repeat this as many times as necessary.


Ohh thanks it’s working


For me the CHAT Module in HTML Viewer is not working … i am seeing this

I am receiving message notification, the page is working from browser correctly but on sambaPos is not showing how it should. i also tried with php and without php and its the same


I found by myself what was the problem. I needed to update Internet Explorer Version. I Had IE 8 installed and updating that to IE 11 Fixed the problem. :slight_smile:


2016-11-23 Update with a lot of changes:

  • POS Module enabled (“QMPOS”).
  • Specific Module code stripped from core.js and moved into applicable module.js files.
  • Moved a lot of code from core.js to sputils.js

:warning: WARNING: SambaPOS 5.1.60 is no longer supported with this release. You must update to 5.1.61 if you want everything to work. Some Modules might work with .60, but if you are having issues, you will need to upgrade to .61.

:bulb: NOTE: There are lot of new parameters/variables in /zconfigs/config.js that you should check and set to coincide with your system.

:exclamation: BONUS: Check the first post of this Topic to find DB Tools Import files to use to ease SambaPOS configuration.


Hey just wanted to report this to ya on your latest update. I fixed it on mine by just fixing #CD_Header height to 140px and #CD_OrderContainer top padding 140px.


Here is the download link for 5.1.61 Beta if you’re interested to test it.

Please use if for testing purposes and let us know if you notice any issues.


Are you talking to me? Sorry got a little excited when I seen your quote yesterday “making changes to the way order tags are processed” thinking it was a surprise regarding my sub order tag issue but dont see a difference :expressionless:

@emre you know what im asking santa for this christmas haha


Try settling the Ticket, and also have some discounts on there, and you will know why it was set to 275px.

That big gap is intentional, because of this:


Here I’m having fun with Real Time Displays. The one on the Left is Customer Display and the other one is Kitchen Display.


:slight_smile: Oh Sorry that was not for you. Q’s latest updates needs 5.1.61 so I dropped a link for people who wants to test that.


Theyre pretty amazing. My plan for the near future is to embedd that screen into the digital signage software which will be even easier to maintain remotely


Hmm… it is not behaving exactly as designed. I would guess there is something missing in Automation (HUB Rules). It should update CD as soon as you open a Ticket in SambaPOS, but I see it did not do that for you. Works fine on my end :wink:


Yes I said I’m having fun with it :slight_smile:

PS: I changed rules. It works fine as you’ve explained.


I wonder if GQL POS on 1 screen will update KD on other screen?

EDIT: nope. Why? Hmmm… I see that if I refresh KD the order is there… need to capture another event to make it live I guess.


It does not update but PMPOS does. I remember you added some task printed notification in it.


When I create a new ticket on QPOS other QPOS receives an update message fine but it does not update ticket list.