Grand Total on my sales report

HI all i need assistance with the following expression
I am trying to calculate the total income balance after tips are paid out
and less breakage per waiter. This my calculation to subtract $20 from the waiters and it is working perfect

Tip less breakage:|||R[=TN(’{REPORT CALCULATION TOTAL:(CT=Tip) AND (TU=$1)}’) - 20]

tips this is where is am stuck:
I want a Grand Total less the tips and the breakage

Can anyone help?

[Incomes Summery:1,2, 1,1,1,1]

Sale Incomes||
Cash||{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:Payment Transaction:Cash}
Credit Card||{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:Payment Transaction:Credit Card}
Total||{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:Payment Transaction:Payment Accounts}
Total Tips:||{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:CA.Tip.Sum:(TS.Status=Paid)}