GraphQL ExecuteAutomationCommand Help

I’m trying to execute an automation command to make a ticket state “Kitchen State” ready but I’m not sure how to pass the ticket id to the command. Here is my GQL:

mutation m1 {
    name: "CKT-Order Ready",
    terminal: "Server",
    department: "Restaurant",
    user: "Admin"
    ticketType: "Ticket",
    parameters: [{name: "Ticket Id", value: "24"}]

Here is my command in Samba:

FYI: This configuration was from the official Kitchen Display tutorial from KB.

It really depends on how your using this. Did you build a button in html or something? Can you explain why you need GQL to do this? I assume your building a KDS app and need a way to manipulate a ticket. Perhaps you should build a function that when you select a ticket from your app it reads ticket id?