Group Deals Samba POS


I want to know if it’s possible to have group deals in Samba POS:

For example, i run a burger restaurant and i want to have a deal where i can select 4 burgers for 10 USD.

So deal 1 is $10 for any 4 burgers.

The burger are already created as different products in the menu list. Is there a way to create such a deal, in which at max only four burgers can be selected and nothing will be charged for it?

Basically it will work as a combination of Pre-paid Cards and Promotion Coupon tutorials but instead of maintaining a credit it will keep track of free burgers.

Writing a step by step tutorial for this specific task will take a lot of time and I’m not sure if more people are interested on this subject. If it is a common issue we may talk about it a little more to find a common solution.

Would anyone else benefit from this feature :smile: