Group items by tag on ticket for special deal/combo,

In our restaurant, we sell sandwichs and drinks. Now we want to create a combo including sandwich, side plate and drink.

For that, I added a menu combo, with submenu sandwich, drink and side plate. The difference on this combo menu is that we tag our item with “combo”.

To make the ticket more readable, I want now group my items by tag (combo is the only tag I use on the app) and add a subtotal for tag group (and remove individual price for items with this tag).

I try to use this following page but it looks I do something wrong as nothing is grouped:

I added that:


before [ORDERS] section but not working

Note that I use tag to create this special deal as I did not find other way to do, if someone know a better way to do, I would be happy to do so

A new combo setup I am working on.


I immediately remembered what @JTRTech requested for grouping menu items. Hmm… Do you have multiple menus here?

I have only one menu. And when I click on the menu combo, it open a sub-menu with products I can choose about doing that combo

@Jesse Looks amazing. How did you do it? If you could guide me a bit, it would be great :slight_smile:

It’s using beta features but we are close to a release so once the version is released I can share how.

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Looking forward to these new features @Jesse - I think we can manage with order tags for our combos for now but this organization and workflow will be nice!

really looking forwrd for this!!! looks amazing!!!


@renallspark you are right, as we can link tag and Products, I did that and it works perfectly now :slight_smile:

How did you link the products with t4gs cn you show some screens?

Note that you can only link products created from Products / Product List. It looks that products created through Inventory / Products can not as they don’t appears on the list

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I know this is an extremely old topic, but I am trying to create a receipt just like above for items combined in to a combo with your later Auto Combo method. This combo method also looks pretty cool.

I’m mainly after how to construct this receipt.

Hi Jesse,

Any updates on this functions??


Yeah I don’t use it anymore. This was a very long time ago.