Grouping order tags

Hi is it possible to group order tags ( modifiers ). following the tutorial i can only get the order tags to group and toggle between them. what i want is to make 3 groups of modifiers so when click it open up another page. in a sense i wanted to make 3 modifer groups “with” “include” “exclude” since each one of them will contain 15-25 different tags it make it cleaning to open up a subpage when it click. is this possible thanks in advance.

This tutorial should give an idea.

hi thanks for the reply saw this post right after i after i posted the question now another thing is it seems that you cant use the prefix and filter at the same time? what i have in mind now is let say i group veggies and meat than use the prefix to toggle if i wanted to add them or exclude it. so i would first click on “No” -> veggie/meat to select the modifiers.lets say it would give me “No Pork” or “No Beef”