Is it possible to group the log report by Ticket Number or Category?
I have tried this:

@{REPORT TICKET LOG DETAILS:T.TicketNumber.asc:::,}
>>Ticket: $1
{REPORT TICKET LOG DETAILS:L.LogDate,L.LogTime,L.Category,L.Log:T.TicketNumber="$1"}

It does not work but if I change T.TicketNumber="$1" for T.TicketNumber=“1” it does show the log for ticket number “1”. I have also tried grouping by Category getting the same results. It seems to me like this report is not able to transform $1 into an actual value

Is there a work around this problem?

What do you get?
Do you get list of ticket numbers in your title >>
Think you have too many colons on your list @, think its {REPORT X:<fields>:<constraints>:<delimiter>}

dont have any tasks on this machine to test;

@{REPORT TICKET LOG DETAILS:T.TicketNumber.asc::,}
>>Ticket: $1
{REPORT TICKET LOG DETAILS:L.LogDate,L.LogTime,L.Category,L.Log:T.TicketNumber="$1"}

Also you have too many columns for number of fields.

I have corrected the errors cought by @JTRTech and this is what I get

Scrollling down the report you can see that log of all three tickets is reported


With the condition no records are displayed

But if I use “1” instead of “$1” it reports the log for ticket 1

So, maybe REPORT TICKET LOG DETAILS is not ready for grouping

You have double ==? Any reason?

I have tested with both “==” and “=” and still get the same results. I have seen some use of “==” and since “!=” means different I thought it was the correct one