GSTATE print full

I want to print all full GSTATE.

I only prints GIFT

as I can Print GIFT: 1

Atte. Arturo

Am not at the PC at the min but that will be what is defined in the printer template, if I remember right it prints gift? (Too many * but on phone and can’t <> it)
This is a defined format for gift state orders.
Cannot get to the template tag list but it’s in the right of the printer template page.
If it exists what your looking for would be something like {ORDER STATE VALUE:GStatus} although not sure if that is a valid tag, check the list on the right.

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WOW!!! something as simple thanks

Did you sort it already?

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because that can not do without you !!

I’m from Cusco - Peru

if you ever come to them resivire well: D