Guide for fast food restaurant!

i have managed to worked on restaurant with table layout with your guidance and assistance but have little knowledge for fast food. So i would like to know what are the basic features and layout used for fast food like:

is the front end similar to table layout or it should be different?

can please illustrate

thanks alot!!!

I never try it yet. But I can see 2 possibilities:

  1. Use a fixed numbers of tokens in combination with Tiket Tag: you can give 1 token for 1 customer and type that number in the Ticket Tag. When it is ready, customer brings the token to collect the order

  2. Use the waiting number (this can be reset to 0 when you start the work shift, it can also be the ticket number) and configure the printer to printer the bill and the waiting number (small piece of paper with the waiting number on it)

but what if want the order to be displayed in kitchen once ready we deliver it but in fast food we pay first before our order is ready.

so my question:
—the payment should be on same screen?
—what if there is a queue how would we proceed to next order without delivery to the first?
—is it better to use fixed token number like used to represent table? or go stright to order menu take orders for next order put ticket on hold and take order. once order delivered close the hold order

It is really depend on your work process. There is no need to add a constraint that we need to deliver first then close the ticket. You can process:

  1. take order
  2. print bill
  3. get cash and print the receipt
    3a. customer will get a waiting number and collect the food/drink when ready
  4. next customer in queue

cant it be done without giving t token number

you can print a waiting number separately from the receipt

any example for layout screen?

what does 1,2,3,4,5 button represent at top can please tell its usage also?
(took image from Get Fast Payment Buttons, help setting values?)

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That’s the Small NumberPad setting in the category settings. Think of it as a quick quantity selector.

so we can either put number pad or fast menu which one is better?

Neither, they’re not related, and you can have both.

The Numberpads are used for selecting Quantity for example, among other purposes:

1,2,3,4,5 is the Small Numberpad, and it is displayed near the top-right of the screen, along with the category Products listed below it.

numberfield,c,1-9,.,0,x is the Large Numberpad, and it is displayed at the bottom-right of the screen, along with the category Products listed above it.

Fast Menu marks a Category as a special category that displays in at the very top row of the right-side of the screen. At this time, you can only have 1 Fast Menu.

@QMcKay can i have a screen shot illustration it will explain better thanks

if i use token system for takeaway…will i be using the table system scenario. rename table to token and then change some features

Ticket tags would be your answer here. Check this solution:


but before i proceed would like to know whether i am correct or not:
customer will order food we will issue a token number and settle payment once order ready customer will take its order via token number and sit anywhere in cafe. Order to be seen in kitchen no need to click.


  1. use ticket creation to take orders correctly and assign ticket tag for token number
  2. once order taken send to kitchen and add token number
  3. settle payment and hold the order
    4.order ready call customer and clear from kitchen screen
    5.unhold and close ticket

is this logic correct?

  1. settle payment and close the ticket

I think you should separate the sale process and the kitchen process

how would i do that i just want to display order dont want to click on order ready
once order delivered from kitchen clear it from screen and close the ticket

or are you suggesting that there is no need to hold a ticket?