Happy Hour Meal Deal + Stock

Hi All,

Happy Friday!

I need to implement a happy hour meal deal type of transaction.

Something like this looks cool: Trying to get 2 meals for £11 promotion working

Basically what I want:

2 pints + pizza = £12

Only select pints are included in the deal.

Does anybody the best way to tackle this? I’m thinking that I’ll need to create some more products as I don’t want somebody to ring this through in non-happy hour and the customer pays less. Should I create a happy hour menu category and make another recipe and link it to the same Inventory Product?

Sorry I’ve really not explained this very well but hopefully you get the gist.

You essentially have two steps and you should break them down. 1 - the product or combo which there are a couple different ways to handle this and 2 - happy hour do control/trigger.

I know I had a post earlier about setting up complex combos with another forum user. This used custom product tags. A new product and recipe would be a simple solution as well. Happy hour is a simple date time function added to the add order rule.

So I sat down and had a think about it and I ended up creating products for the combos and using order tags for the modifiers. This way I was able to build the recipes easily :slight_smile:

The deals aren’t really complicated - Pizza & 2 Pints for £xyz, 2 Pints for £xyz, 2 x Cocktails for £xyz

What I ended up doing was creating a separate menu for Happy Hour and creating automation commands for menu navigation as I’ve had absolutely no clarity from the management what times happy hour falls under. HH timer will be next on my list next for another project.

We use RestaJet too so I didn’t want to make anything too out of the ordinary that wouldn’t translate into RestaJet, we also use the Android apps so I actually created a third menu with all of the categories on that is for use with RestaJet and the Android app then the management can choose what times to make the category visible in RestaJet.