Hard time with Order tags

I am having a hrad time with order tags… I am sure I missed something really so obvious that I cannot see it…

MASSA FRESCA order tag is automatically added (correct) but its not selected (incorrect)

As soon as I select the order tag button it gets duplicated in the ticket…

Definition is exactly the same as other order tags, wich work correctly…

What am I missing here??



How did you enable auto tag?

Did you log out and back in after you set menu option?

no… i did not…

now I did… same old, same old…

So you probably have another order tag group which also have this order tag. Can you try a different unique tag to see if it does the same thing?

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yes I do, as a matter of fact I do have 3 with the same name…

but with pizzas wich do have the same order tag as calzone its not happening…

and as allways I swear this did not happen before LOL, I know it sounds crazy…


PM me your database backup.

I had the same problem before (auto added but order tag not selected). I can’t find the post where someone answered it, but basically the order tag needs to be unique. If it isn’t, you need to specify it as Order Tag Group=Order Tag Name on your menu item.


Yes, When you have multiple tags with same name you need to define order tag group too so it can tag with correct order tag. So instead of just Massa Fresca try defining default tag as Massa Calzone=Massa Fresca.



I ill try that!!!

Ok will change it now, and that makes perfectly sense, but why does this happen with calzones and not with pizzas?, the three do have the same order tag…

the problem is that in order to my setup to work the order tags must not be unique, and the group should be…

@emre, i did sent the db as requested, thanks!!!

even with

Massa Calzone=Massa Fresca button is not selected and when you click it massa fresca shows twice…


It is an order of precedence. Cannot remember if it is tied to creation time (ie. the DB Id of the Tag or Group), or the Tag Group Ordering.

To be safe, you need to specify the Tag Group for all Auto-Tags, even Pizzas.

And your Tag Groups cannot have the same name, but the Tags inside can be duplicates of Tags in other Groups.

even doing that it has the exact same behavior…

strange… again, I sware it did not happen before… still crazy…


Gerlandog… I know you’re working like crazy and have little time to deal with these but the reason I request your backup is to see how your order tags are exactly configured. The backup you sent me does not contain calzone tags that appears on your screen shots. Please re-configure it as @markjw suggested (Log-off Login to ensure menu refreshes) and send me the backup if it still does not work.

just a minute? the backup does not contain calzone tags??

I use them every day, they should be there

you should see an order tag like:

and in the menu:

what mark suggested was tested yesterday… I will test it again today…

Thanks !!!


thanks and sorry…


In case you may wonder these are what I have.

What you did to make it work? @markjw’s suggestion?

yes, mark´s suggestion

that backup has yesterdays date?

I may have sent you the wrong backup…

sorry, lately I am really in a bad shape
to much work with my wife and no help a 5 year old sun, and no baby sitter

We are trying to find an investor to buy off half of our company to help us out… it has been a CRAZY year…

we started this as a second job, it turned out a first job, and now is over our heads…


one more time


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