Has anyone done Samba for general Wholesale/Retail?

If so, any hint, screenshots would be appreciated.

Yes lots of people have. @rickh does it and he has one of the fanciest setups for it ive ever seen. Not so much wholesale… but his shop resales. His entire setup is geared towards that. Granted its mostly spirits… and chips, etc. But the way he built it is really retail POS friendly.

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There is no reason you can’t, only thing which is a bit more labor intensive than a specific retail software is inventory as the recipes still need creating and inventory is geared for restaurant so you still need recipe for a 1:1 inventory item.

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Yeah, inventory is more laborious because of unnecessary recipes not needed for retail. But there is a feature to create 1:1 inventory for this.

Another feature you need to keep in mind is, although not impossible, it isn’t straightforward for doing things like shelf edge labels, something retail specific software usually makes quite easy. Plus, sometimes you have the same product with multiple barcodes, SambaPOS cannot support that (i.e. Bottle of Coke with Christmas branding will have different barcode than normal one yet same price).

But for other advise, disable table entities, set “ticket creation method” in department to “Create Ticket”. You don’t need to have every product on menu for it to be scanned with barcode, so simplify the on screen setup. You don’t have to go all @RickH even though his setup looks awesome.


One of my earlier setups was geared more towards retail I’m more towards a mobile bar setup now

But in the earlier retail setup it was literally one main pos screen where all the buttons was custom made, there were no product buttons all products were added to the ticket by scanning the barcode

The main pos screen had a custom made keypad, and customs made function buttons eg discounts, price change, price checks, stock qty checks, lottery charge button, misc item button and loads of others

I also made it so the buttons that were shown were dependant on the user role logged in. So for example I’d the manager was logged in all function buttons were available, if a general cashier was logged in they may Only see cancel order buttons and basic operations buttons, price overrides and full transactions cancellations would not be visible for example, but a swipe of the manager card would show the full manager menu options and then automatically revert back to the cashier limited menu once the manager menu operation was completed

There’s loads you can do, you can probably even use the two barcodes for the same product that mark mentioned above maybe wouldn’t be possible. Just thinking off top of my head but you could probably set 2 barcode product tags for a can of Coke, one is the normal and the other Xmas branded. Then set an order added rule to check if the barcode scanned is from either barcode product tag 1 or 2 and it will just add the coke product

So potentially could any number of barcodes to add the 1 item, not tested or tried it but I think doable


When you have time, can I see some screenshots to get a feel how it flows?

Search forum he has posted many times…

I will try again using other keywords, last thread I found has only a few rely/pics and was 2015.

@Castech I removed your post referring to the prebuilt v4 database. That is not relevant to this v5 discussion. Someone may severely cripple their system by trying to load that database into v5.