Has anyone had a go at integrating Samba with an PMS/Accommodation Booking System?

See this mentioned couple of times but never much follow through.

Have opportunity to offer solution to small chain of hotels, Samba would be perfect for Bar/Restaurant however the requirements on the booking side would seem to be more beneficial to integrate with a 3rd party booking system.

Anyone tried or had any luck?

Alternatively has anyone seen or experienced a Samba equivalent booking system which I could look to integrate myself.
This is a project I would really like to put some time into and will continue my search for acceptable booking software but any experience comments would be appreciated.

Look at my Timetrex integrations and look for a booking system that operates similar.

I have never used timetrex personally, didnt think to look at it that way but a good shout.
Will look into timetrex.
Is it also an SQL based program?

Would still be very interested in anyone experience with other local based PMS/Booking Software, many are obviously going the way of the cloud but prefer local, system they have is good but very expensive subscription and support and is very locked down.
Any recommendations from anyone actually using a local based software?

After a bit of hunting round and taking to a new prospective client I have found a PMS/Booking system I plan to try and integrate with.
NewBook - http://www.newbookpms.co.uk/

They came highly recommended by the potential new client and looking through their site they already offer integration with many other software. http://www.newbookpms.co.uk/integrations-api

I have sent an email asking for information regarding a potential new integration.

Is anyone else looking for a booking system solution?
I am ideally hoping that someone with some API experience is interested to assist with the project rather than having to learn everything completely from scratch as not done myself before but anyone interested just shout as would be good to have someone to bounce some ideas back and forth with although mostly dependent on the response I get from NewBook.

Take a look at this one it uses a REST api which is similar to what you have seen us work with on here.

The one you posted requires a save to file for its integration. SambaPOS can do this somewhat but I am not sure we can save all the data needed.

You want to look for something that supports a REST API it will make it much easier to integrate.

Thanks kendash, will check it out :smile:
As that potential client which would hopefully lead to install in their other hotels already uses newbook this would ideally be my first place to try.

I am probably aiming very high for my level of experience in things like this and although at a glance save to file does seem less versatile it may serve its purpose as they currently do not integrate with there existing system.
However am not sure on the directions of communication with that save to file, it sounds very one direction.

As they heivily use the accounting system on that PMS the basic integration they would look for would be sales input from the POS which could be relatively simple if ‘text based file exchange’ works how I think it might.
This would leave Samba as a purely FOH software which is a shame but how it would be but what I hope would be possible would be to use entities as rooms with states which reflect the checked in status of that room and ideally show the guests name.

Either way will see what happens :smile:

I have now been sent the API documentation for Newbook :smile:
So this is likely to now become my life for the next few weeks learning/working it all out LOL
It uses JSON which I have seen you discussing allot recently.
Is this something you had used before or have you learnt on the fly? Do you have any recommendations of reference sources?

Hey @JTRTech not Kendash, sorry, but I notice they do not advertise the pricing. Is Newbook expensive? Did you look at Checkfront for a comparison?

Anyway I am real green on JSON but it seems to just use the same format in send/response so hopefully not too mind bending for you :pensive:

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Hopefully not.

I did have a quick look but but have a client in mind, my day job bookkeeping at local hotel and the hotel has recently be bought out and their other hotels use newbook so preferable to all use same system.

True, (hate sites which don’t show pricing) I do not know their prices yet, will let you know as that was the next thing I was going to find out but for the reasons above this hotel will probably switch to them anyway.

ha LOL - Yes I hate hidden pricing as well - "just fill in your details here and we will … forever bug you to buy our very expensive system! :angry:

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I don’t think they will be overpriced.
Looks like a good system and the group that have taken over her have their heads screwed on so doubt they would be overpaying.

Sounds good I will keep an eye on your progress if you don’t mind, good luck.
PS: If I was up to your speed in SambaPOS I would help as our bigger Clubs have resorts attached to them so would be good to offer integration.

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I have started a topic to document the progress.

I have allot on atm minute but this integration would open allot of potential for me within the chain the local hotel is now part of as well as open new doors to hotel clients.

That was half the battle in getting the documentation and interest of the PMS company as they originally said integrate based on demand but my point to them was the old chicken and the egg… if it doesn’t integrate the hotels arent going to already have just the till software!! if that makes sense, anyway hopefully am now on the way to getting it done.

My realistic aim would be within the next couple of months as if the hotel is to change their booking system to this newbook to fit in with the rest of the group just after Christmas is the best time as the planner is at its clearest and easiest to migrate.