Has anyone used price lists for discount/happy hour and worked out a way to show saving on print template

Has anyone used price lists for discount/happy hour and worked out a way to show saving on print template?

We are planning to setup a ‘Regulars’ price list which will be the current prices before the April price increase.
Will be using RFID fobs for regulars (members) which will change the orders price list tag.
Would like to put a line on the receipt showing the saving.

Prefer to use price tag/list as using calculation on ticket level will need to be processed diferently on the PMS api intergration and need to have the revenue deduction come out of the same group/depatment as the product which price tag/change price will do.

I cannot visulise a way to work the code to work out the total is orders were ‘normal’ price to do the sum for saving…
Any sugestions?

You would probably need to use SQL and the SQL TAG to do this. once you Switch Price List the tags wont have access to prior price list. Not yet at least.

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Guessed that was going to be the case.
Thanks @Jesse

You could use Order Tags for the discount that would be easy to calculate.

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sorry for the silly question, but having a happy hour is in a way, knowing what would be the discunt…or not? and if for example you have different discounts for diffenrent products, just use a product tag, in wich you can store the discount…

Product A

so, accessing the tags, you would be able to know how much discount you got for each product…



I tried to get them to work for HH using Triggers, but it was never reliable. Actually, the problem has more to do with Triggers not firing inside an open Ticket, rather than an issue using Price Lists.

This is one reason I eventually went with the VIP Level Discounts using Custom Product Tag Captions and Order Tags.

The Product Tag does not need to be a Discount; instead it could be a replacement Price altogether. And it is as easy to edit in the Batch Tag Editor, as it is to edit it in the Price List Editor.

The VIP Level is a Customer Custom Data Field, so it is easy to put into a Template.

And if the VIP Price is stored in a Custom Product Tag, you can print the Original Price and the VIP Price on the Ticket at the same time. You cannot do that with Price Lists.

The other issue comes along is when you make a mistake and decide to remove a VIP Entity from the Ticket… this is handled well in the VIP/HH Tutorial, but I don’t know if it would even be possible using Price Lists.