Having trouble with batch create transactions

I defined some accounts and defined some transactions…
but when I add trasnsactions with the batch create screen they appear 4 times…
also got an error trying to dfine account mapping…

What am I doing wrong?



Why you are trying to map accounts?

It seemed natural?? I dont know… I really dont know…
but even so, without matching, i get 4 entries in the transactions…



Clear all mappings and try again. If it does not solve the issue there might be a problem with account transaction type configuration or account transaction document type configuration.

my set up

resulting in…

now… if I add

I get




Umm @gerlandog I couldn’t understand what you’re trying to achieve. Since I’m not familiar with accounts names I can’t guess something :slight_smile:

The reason you’re having four transactions is you’ve configured four account transaction templates. That creates 4 transaction for each account and since you have selected 2 accounts that makes 8 transactions, lol.

Batch create is useful for creating account transactions of same type for multiple target accounts at once. For example you want to make payments to suppliers from cash. You’ll create a transaction template that transfers from cash to suppliers and add it to account transaction type for document type. If you select Supplier Accounts as Document Account Type and enable batch create it will display a list of supplier accounts. What you need to do is typing payment amounts and it generates single transaction for each supplier.

Exactly that is what I want to do…

I defined 4 account under GASTOS:

But if I clear the Document type, I get an empty batch screen…

I will try to give it a spin…



That configuration creates these four transactions

  • $50 Gastos Transaction
  • $50 Sueldos Transaction
  • $50 Alquileres Transaction
  • $50 Combustibles Transaction

for each one of these accounts

  • Combustible Account
  • Compras

This is how Document Transaction works.

This is similar process to what your doing. [quote=“kendash, post:8, topic:1902, full:true”]
Tip Payouts Cash Drawer Transaction Mapping: