Heads up for anyone with headless server machine running Windows 10

Just a heads up for anyone running Windows 10 especially on a headless machine.
Our server just decided to update to the latest Windows revision taking out all the tills while it restarted and waited for me to answer a DOZZEN opt in questions…
I couldn’t log in remotely but guessing it was just while it was updating as managed to rdp in to it once I got on site and update had finnished however still had to run through all the Geo and reporting optins…

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LOL, did you plan that title? :smile:

No lol, was right ball ake, just as I was about to leave it then cropped up that the PMS intergration wasn’t working because the update had cleared the two registry settings I have to add to force the higher TLS security level on the web posts to the PMS API… grrrr