Hello i new user and i need help

i new user for samba pos and i need help
1 - how open Cash drawer when i click cash and print 2 resit
2 - how print 2 copy bill when i close order in deliver with customer information and when i cash order also
3 - i need form to customer print resit and for ticket
i see support DOCUMENTS
4 - how open samba on anther i make step in DOCUMENTS but do not link

Look at kb.sambapos.com it should explain most of that.

I see it but do not found

Sorry can any one help me i need help very important

Also in the print receipt action you can specify 2 copies of receipt, but editing it you’ll have to remove the action from the rules save and add it again otherwise it won’t work

All of that is in the kb did you read it at all? https://kb.sambapos.com/en/3-8-how-to-configure-cash-drawer-setup/

I make all steps cash drawer open but do not make cash and close order must click above cash just open cash drawer
And do not print 2 copy and do not work with deliver orders

Yes i read it and applay but do not work as i want

Well unfortunately there is no magic we can do to make it work for you. We have no idea if you made a mistake. Likely you didn’t follow it correctly but we can’t know that. Show us what you tried maybe we can spot a mistake.

Yes but i make all steps can give me link from kb to print 2 riest when i make cash why delivery do not print copy bill
Give my lik to learn

I love this app but how worke i want learn to applay it in my work

Are you using HTML printer type?

You need to show screenshots etc of what you have configured.
These are pretty basic things to setup.

You set text printer, never used that option but likely the reason you xct command is printing rather than executing.

It needs to be esc / pos for it to work

If make that open cash drawer but do not print any thong

What i make for this

Your using an Epson it will work in esc / pos mode. Show us your printer template