Hello i new user and i need help


Copy and paste template using the </> button so code isn’t stripped by forum.
Also show your print job, print action and the rule it is in. Preferably using screenshots as photos of screens are hard to read especially on a grubby screen with light glare…

Now i can open cash drawer when o click cash but do not prient riset

Do you have print job, action and rule for printing receipt?
By default there is only print bill button. You choose how to setup your receipts etc.

Id sugest you watch a couple of my videos so you can understand how samba automaton works.

No how make it

Seariously!!! Are you even looking at these pictures before you upload them!!!
No offence but we cant help you if your not looking to help yourself.
At the very least if your not going to use propper screenshots as sugested before at least clean that screen and make sure the picture is straight and IN FOCUS!

As said before receipt is not printed by default. Search on the forum, there will be a tutorial covering forced receipt on payment. You need to put the print receipt action in say a payment processed rule.

Well what is the solution to print riest from samba

So you just ignore anything I say then?

If your not going to listen I for one will stop bothering answering.

and AGAIN, id suggest reading up on samba automation and following some tutorials.
I posted links to a couple of my beginner video tutorials if you bothered to learn.

Since I can tell your not interested in learning for yourself here is my forced receipt for card payments rule;

Ok thank you for help i will test it and tell you
Just make rules without any link action

LOL, don’t worry about it, I know it works, has done the job fine for the last 250,000 tickets between the hotels here. If it doesn’t for you you did something wrong.

? What, no, a rule without actions does nothing… Its right there in the screenshot… The action in the rule is ‘Execute Bill Print Job’ which is a default action from the print bill button automation command rule. All that might need changing is the types of payments you want to force the printing of a receipt for which is what the constraints are for.

Wow it work good but lang arbic not right

But in delivery when i close order do not print
Just prient whan i make cash
2 i need 2 prient copy
Thank you man for help

@JTRTech hi …

Can’t help if your not going to be clear on what you want.
You said didn’t print receipt, receipt implies paid as if not paid there wouldn’t be a receipt.
What’s your question?
Your character count is low, guessing 32 and printer looks to be 80mm so probably up to 42 or 48.
If you want two coppies you can either change coppies in action to number required or add the print action more than once to corresponding rule.
If you want print on close ticket then use a different rule like ticket closing or before ticket closing however this is odd practice without additional constraints else it will print every time you close the ticket after adding more orders.
Either be clearer with your questions or wait for someone else to help.

1 - i thank you for your help
2- i speak littile english for this maby i can not Explain what I ask
Sorry but i need work with samba
If i can speak arabic it good

Try Google translate…
Or you could check samba site for Arabic reseller for native language support.
This forum is primerally English speaking I’m afraid, if we don’t understand what your asking it’s hard to help…

Where arabic rwseeller

These are the resellers, you’ll need to scroll through and see if any speak Arabic, there’s a possibility none do though so your only other route is to use google translate so we can help