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Can you clarify what you need help with? SambaPOS v5 already has a merge ticket button on the ticket list screen by default that works very well. What version of SambaPOS are you on? That thread you linked is for v4 which is no longer supported.

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HI @Scott,
Im Using V5, yes we have Merge Button But When we Have More Orders Using ADD Ticket on same Entities ,We Have To Select One By One .If Let Say We Have Merge All Button Mean One Shot We Can Merge It. (Sorry If Im Wrong).

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i want Same Like This . [SOLVED] Button merge all ticket ] but ThiS Post Method Not Working

You press the ticket numbers and can select multiple tickets no?

Are you trying to merge all tickets on the entity without having to select each ticket? If so, the default merge ticket button already does that. You probably changed its behavior when following that v4 guide you linked.

if let say different entities (customer) can Merge all Isit?

No it must be same entity.

Thanks for Your Reply @Jesse