Help Entity Screen to Show Unpaid Tickets When Using Two Ticket Types

I have two ticket types 1. To Go 2. Dine In. I want to use an Entity Screen with an automatic view type to show new orders that are unpaid. I am using one Entity Type called Customer with the Ask for type box selected under ticket type.

If I choose Eat In ticket type when selecting the customer and I make an order then close it without settle it will show the unpaid ticket button under the unpaid entity screen however if I make a To Go ticket order and a Dine In Ticket order at the same time it will show both buttons but the Dine In ticket order will be a blank new order when I open it. THe To Go ticket when opened brings up the unpaid order correctly.

It would really help if we had more information about your problem and screenshots of your entity screen settings.

I figured this out. It was a couple rules I had to make that redefined the unpaid entity state to “To Go” and “Eat In” then have my Entity Screen filter that state. To be more exact I made two rules that each had the Event Name:Ticket State Updated with constraint of State Equals Unpaid and Action of Update Entity State. The action updated the Entity State to “To Go” or “Eat In” I just duplicated the rule and mapped it to its own ticket type.


Will V5 have 1 ticket type restriction for each entity screen? It would be much better if we can have multiple ticket types for each entity screen. For example, same customer entity could have Take-Out Ticket Type and Delivery Ticket Type or even Dine-In Ticket Type. This is quite normal operation in restaurant. Even better if we an display more than 1 entity type in entity screen. For example, we can show table view and customer ticket in one screen, kind of overview screen.

Right now we have to solve this Dine In, Take Out and Delivery by TICKET STATE instead of TICKET TYPE.

Since all command mapping Ticket Type is everywhere but we can hardly use it but Enabled/Visible State only a few have it.

I have not seen any indication that an Entity Screen will support more than 1 Ticket Type, nor more than 1 Entity Type.

One new feature that was added is multiple-Menu capability. We can switch between Menus on-the-fly within a Ticket, so there is no need to worry about switching Ticket Types to view an alternate Menu. Very nice.

I use the menu switch in v5 and ticket tags to designate To Go and filter my ticket lister by ticket tag. You don’t have to use states for that. So my entity screen shows two ticket listers one for to go and one for dine in.

This flow was so much better than using multiple ticket types. I create reports that use the ticket tag to filter the report by ToGo or Dine In. I even use a report that tracks type and sales per hour.

Sorry I worded it wrong. Actually, Entity screen can show different ticket type but cannot open the other ticket type.
For Example, Entity screen (Customer) has ToGo Ticket Type set as default but if we have Delivery Ticket Type in there , it won’t open delivery ticket. Actually, it create a new Togo ticket when I click that customer ticket.

Correct. There have been no changes to v5 in this regard.

Maybe it is time to start thinking about a different setup as @Jesse suggested.

I already solved the problem with Ticket State but as I mention above about Mapping. It would be much better workflow if I can use Ticket Type instead of Ticket State because Ticket Type is on every mapping (more control with Ticket TYPE then STATE)

Or maybe @emre could add State column in all mapping :blush:

I did not recommend using states at all. This original thread is out dated as I said above I do not even use states.