Help in automation command

i want to make sth like this …
Jesse graciously made this but unfortunately he is too busy so i want some one to help me doing this…

i need to know in order
1- how to make the button make the tag : “Promo : b4g1”
2- how to check if this tag is checked to make the grouping of the products

It’s an automation command button. The rule with it’s actions with be an automation command executed event.
It’s setting a ticket state rather than tag.
The expression to call the value would be {TICKET STATE:Promo} or whatever state name you set.

please can u help me more…
where should i write this?

more details please
treat me as i know nothing :blush:


can u tell me what should i do though?

I don’t know what your trying to do…
That rule with set promo state to b5g1.
{TICKET STATE:Promo} would then return b5g1 so in another rule you can use that with equals b5g1 as a constraint for what you want to happen for a perticular event when the state has that value.

Sorry I guess I forgot to share it. One moment. I work about 95 hours a week and I fit in SambaPOS during my breaks, sitting on toilet, eating,etc. I barely have time anymore lol.

Try this DB Import File: (1.8 KB)

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LOL :joy: the office chair

thanks :heart:
but i’m sorry how can i work with this txt file? :blush:
what should i do with it? :thinking:

Database tools in settings, import, done.

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