Help is needed with Set Widget Value action

Hello everybody,
I use this action to enter this site using the HTML Viewer, And it does work but
Is there a way to enter the site and automatically fill in username and Password using the Set Widget Value action?
Something like>username>password>go…
Thanks in advance :blush:

To get that to work you would need to alter some code on the website. In particular how the PHP handles logins.

thenks @Jesse for the Fast response,
Can you please enter this site and check how the php of This site handles logins?
maybe you can understand from the website which code I have to send using the Set Widget Value action?
I have been trying for hours :frowning:


[id] will be a id number for your account and [password] will be your password.

That’s all we can see from our side. Maybe you should contact webmaster for better information.

Often they will not allow that sort of authentication because it would be too easy to break and is a huge security risk. Most systems are setup so you can auto fill the username and password but it will not actually authenticate it, you still have to press log in.

I know I would never allow that for a website hooked up to internet. I might if its an internal site not hooked to web or if its something I’m not too worried about security.

Thank you very much for your help, unfortunately it did not work.
I use RoboForm to enter and it works then probably this site allows autologin

It just depends. RoboForm is accessing it differently, more than likely through an API. What you are wanting to do is different. I can not tell you anything more than what @emre has already shared. You would have to find out from the webmaster.


… additionally the purpose of roboform and our html widget are different. Roboform sounds useful to automate data submissions to websites. Html widget is only a web page viewer.


Okay, thank you very much @emre & @Jesse
I will appeal to the Site Manager
I really appreciate your help

If we know what the script uses RoboForm we can imitate him.
Maybe someone has an idea how RoboForm works?

Can you clear something up for me. Are you wanting it to just insert the Login and Password or are you wanting it to insert them AND execute the login?

Roboform is a password manager that can auto fill passwords from the looks of it. It also performs the equivalent of a button press for the login. I am not sure exactly how it is programmed to work but it looks like to me it is probably simulating pressing enter after filling in login/password.

i need just insert the Login and Password

It is probably just using windows password remember option.

Try something like!user_name=ID&password=PASSWORD

It probably needs to be in Hebrew but that might work if its HTML5

Looking at the JS code from that site (/js/site/login.js), the User Field is either rest_id (as @emre mentioned this would be an ID like a number) or username. Roboform seems to indicate it is username. The Password field is simply password.

Even if Roboform can accomplish the task, I doubt you will be able to accomplish auto-login by passing values in the URL. When you do that, it is called a GET, and most password forms (including the one on your site) use a POST method for exactly that reason: security. When using POST, it will ignore the values passed in the URL, unless the script is set up to check them.

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Thenks guys,
RoboForm does not passing values in the URL its Probably using a script
Maybe there is a way to build a script specifically for this site?
But I do not know how to write a script, Perhaps can anyone help?
At the same time I’m trying to find a solution on Google.
I know it’s not related to this forum and I really appreciate the help
Thank you all.

I am not expert on this @QMcKay is more knowledgable than me with these things, however it is my experience that its not as simple as just using a script. The server side code your website is using would need to be setup to recognize the method your using this would include any scripts.

I am not sure how Roboform is doing it there are numerous methods including simulating a keyboard click of Enter key which if this is the case then it would be impossible to do what you want with HTML widget…

Or it could be interacting with an API (Doubtful since Roboform is a third party Password manager)

The login form has a checkbox called Remember Me … does it not work for the password?

I would imagine Roboform is hooking into the Browser somehow (addon? extension?)…

That would make sense… it probably installs its own extension to the browser on install. The website was not very descriptive with how it actually works.

It works but I have two accounts and I have to enter each time with a different account

Place 2 HTML Widgets on the screen, or make 2 screens with a Widget on each? I assume that would work since I believe each Widget runs in it’s own session.