Help me I can't use sambapos 5

help me I can’t use sambapos 5 Because I don’t see file C:/programe(x86)/sambapos 5/samba.precentation.exe

how can i do?

Did you try to reinstall?

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What version of Windows are you using? Also that screenshot shows the exe so what exactly is wrong?

According to that screenshot you have the executable incorrectly set to open as an XML file

In that screenshot, showing file extensions is switched OFF (Windows default setting, IMO a bad idea) …

That “EXE” is not an executable at all. It is in fact an XML file having a .config extension. The executable is missing completely.

This is what that folder should look like (show file extensions is switched ON).


So I agree try reinstalling and don’t delete the exe next time :slight_smile:

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