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I need some help concerning inventory. There might be a situation where a suppler delivers a spoilt item(s). How would i go about creating a reverse transaction document type and how would it be configured?

I have tried implementing this by creating a Document Type that is the inverse of the Purchase Transaction document type. However, after such a transaction, the item shows under Consumed Items and i need the amount of purchased inventory to reduce by a value equal to that of returned items.

Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

I use a method to transfer stock from a local warehouse to an offsite warehouse and vice-versa. I use 1 Transaction Type and 1 Document Type for each direction. I call them Inventory Transfer (Txfr) Transactions/Documents:

Transaction Types:

Document Types:

In your case, you should be able to use just 1 of these Types as a Return mechanism, moving inventory from your local warehouse to another warehouse - this “other” warehouse could be either the original Supplier Warehouse, or it could be a Warehouse you just call “Returns”.

That said, when you move items from 1 Warehouse to another, it will still show up as Consumption in the Source and Purchase in the Target. Purchase/Consumption are simply the terms used in SambaPOS to indicate Addition/Removal of Inventory Items.

Before Transaction:


After Transaction:

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Thank you @QMcKay, Let me implement it then get back to you

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Hey. Tried it out. Turns out I had configured mine in a similar manner. But you helped me understand how the inventory works. Thank you.