Help on printing

I have situation with one of my customer he needs the printing like this.
There is 5 kitchen printer for 5 groups of products. Printing goes based on product group as noramally.
Now the requirement is when he orders only one item like shawarma it should go shawarma printer.
If he orders shawarma , juice n grills each should go the respective printer n one ticket should print on grill.
That means if the order is having single product group, then it should go that printer. If order contains multiple products groups one ticket should print on grill side so that his employees can understand what all is there in the order.

How to do this?

ok dont worry this is simple and easy…

Go to Manage>>Printing>>Print Jobs>>Print Bills>>and then select the product Group printer and printer template…

No, see if the order contains multiple products then it should print ticket on kitchen printer

@QMcKay please help me out

@JTRTech How to achieve this?

You would need separate print jobs and a rule with constraints to check order qty. If more than 1 order it executes print job A if only one item it executes print job B

So probably you need action constraints

Don’t just tag everyone to try and get attention… It will just pi*s people off.

You might struggle without some more complex automation and states.

Printing individual to specific printers and all or main kitchen printer is easy.
The if on weather there is multiple groupcodes is more difficult.
You would want to make multiple print jobs for the individual mapping and the all to main to give you two actions.
Individual would just be normal and print whatever to whichever printer.
The action for the main printer print job would need a constraint using some form of report expression to count the accumulated GroupCode quantity.

Can you please help me out for the constraints to check the multiple group code?

Case is very urgent , that is why I tagged you and @QMcKay

What is the constraints should I use?

Everyone says there post is urgent.
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:sweat: my mistake. Please help me.

Start by showing screenshots of your current Print Job Mappings so we can see what you are doing right now.

First rules to print ticket to grill printer,
and second one is for normal printer.
Here I used {GROUP CODE} on constraints, but how to express number of group code?

Thanks for the Rules, but I asked for Print Job Mappings, not Rules.

BTW, when you show Rules, you need to expand the Actions, and also show the Action definitions so we can see how the Actions are configured.

Also, show a sample of some of your Products so we can see how they are set up.


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Print job “Print multiple on grill” should not run with the “print all to grill”.