Help: only 1 Order Tag is printed

I have a problem that needs your creative solution:

I sell fruit smoothies. Due to the large number of different fruit combinations possible, I don’t want to create a different product name for each combination. Instead, I want to use each fruit as an order tag so that I can select multiple fruits according to what a customer wants.

Here are my configurations:
I created an Order Tag Group called “FruitName” and added different fruits (such as mango, banana, strawberry, etc…) to the list.
Then I created another Order Tag Group called “General Modifiers” and added other add-on ingredients (such as protein, jelly, vitamin, etc…) to that list.
In the main Product List, I only created one product called “Smoothie”.

In the POS, I touch the “Smoothie” product button, then select some fruits (example: “Mango” + “Banana” + “Strawberry”). Then I select other general modifiers (example: “protein” + “whipped cream”).

On the printer template, I created this section:

However, only 1 item from each order tag group shows up on the ticket receipt.

What am I doing wrong?

Try this:

          *{ORDER TAGS}

[ORDER TAGS:FruitName]

[ORDER TAGS:General Modifiers]

Or simply this:

          *{ORDER TAGS}


This is what shows up with this coding:

The above code puts the “Smoothie” on its own line, which I don’t want.

I want it to display “Banana Mango Strawberry” “Smoothie” on the same line.
The “protein” and “whipped cream” should be listed separately on different lines.

You will not be able to list Order Tags horizontally on the same line.

This may be possible in the future with V5.

Ahh…thank you for clearing that up. I will be anxiously waiting for the next version.