HELP PLS! Windows 10 Keeps Restarting

Windows 10 is constantly restarting by itself on my main till.

I know this may not be SambaPOS related but any advice will be appreciated!


So many different possibilities could be causing it.
Any blue screen with error codes?
Can you boot into safe mode? If you can is it stable then?
Probably caused by a recent driver update - can you roll back to a restore point (a date before the crashes started).
Could also be a faulty ram chip or hard drive.

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Hardware: Think Centre M720Q I5-8400T

No blue screen, no error codes.

I have run system diagnostics on all components and seems fine.

No recent driver updates but I decided to update the GPU and Bluetooth drivers after the matter.

I opened up the case and cleaned the fan, little dusty and the heat sink seemed pretty clear, nevertheless I carried out some cleansing maintenance.

Fingers crossed the system doesn’t fail tomorrow.

Potentially over heat problem, I’m not sure but will find out soon.