Help Re-OpenTicket & Cancel Payments on V3

Hi !
I am working with the latest update of V3. I tried to follow then “Re-Open Settled Ticket & Cancel Payments” tutorial but I couldn’t find a way to install the additional ticket actions Reopen Closed Ticket and Cancel Ticket Payments from Samba Market.

When I enter Samba Market, I can see the actions, but no option to install them.

Am I missing something? or is there another way to add these actions?
Thanks for your help.

Only available in v4. You should upgrade.

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You may not get much response as this is the V4 and soon to be v5 forum,
Many people including myself have very limited knowledge if any with V3.

I don’t think samba market came in to play until V4.

Recommendation will be to upgrade, however your undoubted response will be that you need multi-language support.
V5 should have better support for more languages when that is released.

Kendash you beat me to it LOL

Thanks for the advice ! I’ll upgrade !