Help removing "test cutomer" from Lister 1 in Delivery system

With the help and guidance from all the tutorial, I was able to make it work perfectly. I can create, assign and do all the stuff that were mentioned on the tutorial.

The issue I have is that during initial set up I created a “test customer” just to see if it will show up on the Lister 1, and it did. Since then the “test customer” which you can see from the picture, stayed on the Lister 1. I tried to assigning Delivery driver, checked Tickets but nothing seems to make it go away. I even went into the Entity Screens and deleted manually, but no luck.

Please advise, what can I do to make this go away. My full Delivery system works flawlessly with just this “test customer” sitting on top of the Lister 1 window.

Thank you in advance for your advise.

I changed your post category to V5 Question since that is really what this is. Request is for requesting features not currently available in the program.

To answer your question go to Settings > Database Tools and then execute the Clear Transactions script. Then log back in and delete that test customer entity.

WARNING if this is a live system then do not run the script it will delete all transactions.

SOLVED!! Clear Transaction did it!!

Thank you for the quick replay. No is not live system yet, Im configuring it at the moment, I will be opening a new fast food restaurant in a month. I am learning the ins/outs of the system and customizing it for my needs before I go live.

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Awesome, my advice to you is do as many tutorials as you can even ones you won’t use in your restaurant. They are good practice and will get you familiar with the system quick.

Do some advanced ones like time clock those will get you familiar with constraints and states.