Help required for intial configuration?


My brother is setting up a small cafeteria in Ajman (near Dubai). The focus is less on Dine In and more on Delivery.

I have recommended him to go for a POS. He has bought a second hand POS with printer and cash drawer (Windows 7 Home Basic). I need some help to setup Samba POS accordingly. It has 4 to 5 tables. Approximately 20 to 30 menu items.

Can anyone please let me know whether who can help me in the following:

  1. Basic Configuration of Sales (Menu) items & Purchase (Raw Materials) items
  2. Setting up Printer (time being Invoice printer) at a later stage a Kitchen printer
  3. Setting up a Cash Drawer
  4. Database Backup Regular
  5. How to receive Raw / Packing Materials (to increase stock) and How to issue Raw / Packing materials (to deplete stock)
  6. Reports - Sales for a period - (1) by item / (2) by customer (for repeat delivery customers) / (3) by type (delivery or dine in)
  7. Gross Profitability for a period (e.g. for a month)
  8. Stock Value Reports as on a date (e.g at month end)

Being an IT person involved in implementing some other customized inventory / accounting system, I think with minimal help, I can configure myself.



Your in the right place! Look in upper right corner the little search box. Click that and utilize the forum for all of your questions. Everything you have mentioned has been covered in this forum multiple times with great detail. Also check out the Tutorials category of this forum.

Here is an example where I searched for Menu and as you can see many topics that cover this come up instantly.

I think many people still struggle with this concept but SambaPOS is community project. Yes it has one main developer but its the community that grows and supports SambaPOS. This forum is the main catalyst for the community. So what I am saying is this forum is your documentation, step by step help, troubleshooting, technical support. That means if you take some time to do some searching of the forum you will find your answers faster than waiting for a response. Everyone here are business owners and if its a topic they see over and over many times they will not continue answering it over and over when that person can simply look at the forum for previous discussions covering their situation.

So I hope I explained it well. If you do find some solutions and you attempt to set them up and still run into issues then feel free to ask. But this community responds best when you give some effort to contribute and utilize the forum as your research tool.