Help setting up 2 tills, 3 printers, 1 database

Ok basically ive gone through the forum and found some information but all seem to be a little confusing and not clear enough for my understanding.

Therefore if anyone could help explain clearly if this is possible if so what i need to do to get it working, i will really appreciate it.

So here we go; below is the layout of my setup.

Till 1: this till is located on the ground floor and has a total of 2 printers and 1 cash drawer connected to it.

  • Printer 1 is the bar printer and is connected via usb to till 1, used for printing bar orders and also has cashdrawer connected so all customer payment receipts, end of day reports etc. are also printed via this printer.

  • Printer 2 is the kitchen printer and is connected via USB to till 1, used only for printing food orders.

Till 2: this till is located on the 1st floor and has 1 printer connected to it.

  • Printer 3 is the shisha lounge printer and is connected via usb to till 2.

Tills one and two are windows 7 and they are both hard wired via cat5 to the router.

OK, now what i would like to achieve is;

  • Firstly i want both tills to be using the same database, so for example if i take an order from till 1 i want the order To also be visible on the till 2.

  • Secondly if i put an order for 2 cocktails, 2 burgers and 1 shisha from till 2 on the 1st floor,

i want the the 2 cocktail orders two be printed from printer 1 which is the bar printer connected to till 1 via usb on the ground floor,

i also want the 2 burger orders to be printed from printer 2 which is the kitchen printer and is also connected to till 1 on the ground floor via usb,

and lastly ofcourse i want the 1 shisha order to be printed from printer 3 which is connected to till 2 on the 1st floor via usb.

I have done my best to give you an idea of what i am trying to achieve, if anybody can help i will be over the moon.

Thank you all in advance

Get to read the link that @Jesse has attached, it has a lot of information you’ll need to understand:

A quick explanation of how to do this is:

Setup one PC as the server with SQLEXPRESS database, setup the other as a Terminal. Share all printers in windows, and add them in the printers screen from SambaPOS, I usually specify IP address of the computer the printer is connected to and the name, this way any terminal knows where to find the printer.

Of course I am assuming you already have print jobs done and working to distribute food, drinks and shisha … if not you’ll need to create all 3 printers and their print jobs for this to work.