Help setting up

We want to use Sambapos and want to setup as much as we can ourselves… we have a lot of IT skills but find there is lityle to guide us.

Each product needs many/multiple options and sizes

Most of the drmo data is ok for us but not sure how yo setup menu item options… i.e.

Coffee menu group
Americano menu item
Free Options
Hot milk option
Cold milk option
Large mug option
Almond milk option
Soya option
Skinny option
Decafe option
1/2 shot option
Extra hot option
Sugar option
Honey option
Sweerner option
No sugar option

Extra cost options
Caramel option +0.40
Cinnamon option +0.40
Hazelnut option+0.40
Vanilla option+0.40
Extra shot +0.40

Your help would be appreciated

These would all typically be handled using order tags…

You can use order tags to set up options specific to your product or product group.
Type the options in Order Tag List

Map them to your product or product group

Then save

Now go select the drink in that group and you should see them there.